Touhou Install Guide

A short guide to get you started with playing Touhou

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How to install Touhou with English patches

Acquire the Games

You can acquire the games digitally from:

For physical copies see Touhou Wiki’s Purchasing Guide for information.

Installing thcrap

Installing the English patch

Optional: Get Universal THCRAP Launcher (aka. UTL) for short

Optional: Setting up vpatch

By default

Touhou 6 is a bit more janky

Adding it to thcrap




“d3dx9_XX.dll not found”

Touhou 6 runs above 60 fps and is on steroids


How do I help with the translations?

That’s easy! Just register, and start translating on the thpatch wiki.

I can code! Can I help?

Sure! Head over to THPATCH’s Discord server and we will sort you out.

I have the money! Where can I donate?

How do I make mods?

That’s a bit more complicated… but you can get started by joining the THPATCH’s Discord server if you need any help, and reading trough this and at least 1.0 from this.